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Don’t Allow the Edges to Blur

I was asked by one of my favorite people the other day what I saw at our property and in the Golf Industry and what we were doing about it at TPC Tampa Bay?  I told him one of my favorite quotes was by Michael Johnson, the Olympic Gold Medalist Sprinter, “Discipline is not allowing the edges to blur.”  This ...
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Can Golf Save Your Workplace?

I was all prepared to give a golf lesson to a friend today and as I walked up he was striping it! We spent a bit of time working the set-up, but really there was little to be done, I felt like when Harvey Penick told Ben Crenshaw to just keep doing what you are doing! As so often in ...
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Is Golf a Sport?

One of the constant questions about golfers is, are they athletes?  The honest answer is maybe, I would say there are very athletic golfers and then there are golfers that you wonder how they walk and chew gum at the same time.  I don’t know if golf is a sport.  What I see in this field, is that it is ...
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We Will Stand the Test of Time

The United States won the President’s Cup with a route of the International Team.  The winning wasn’t such a surprise but the real drama was could they do it without needing the final day?  Lost in the midst of the competition was the fact that 4 of the 6 living Presidents showed up to this golf event!  Above is a ...
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The Best Offense is a Great Defense!

As we embark on the NFL and College Football, I thought it might be interesting relating those game-plans to golf. In football and in golf, you are trying to control as much of the environment as you can. . We have all heard the saying, “the team became one dimensional.” Football teams and coaching staffs scheme to take a portion ...
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It’s a War out There!

As I have mentioned before in these blogs, we are in an environment that breeds healthy warm season grasses. That is both a positive and negative. The bulk of warm season grasses will widen their footprint naturally, this is the positive. They use stolons (on top of the ground) or rhizomes (beneath the surface of the ground) to spread their ...
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Focus is the Purpose!

The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world. It is a giant valley that goes for hundreds of miles that makes up some of the most beautiful land in the United States. If you have ever stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon and looked at the vast area that it covers, it leaves an impression ...
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An Appropriate 4 Letter Word!

As I continue to think about this game and this industry and share my brain over the World Wide Web I can’t help but to marvel at its influencers! The people that are in the game of golf have established its culture, which is what I find to be the most unique and greatest culture in major sports. We saw ...
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Golf is a Walk in the Park!

Golf is easy! I am not sure anybody believes that, present company included, but allow me to make this argument. It is going to be a big ask to change your perspective, but if you choose to have an open mind, you might enjoy this little journey and look at golf differently!You stare at a little white ball (unless you ...
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At Home on the Range

The United States is made up of 3 basic growing regions. We obviously are in the “Warm-Season Zone.” The benefit of being in this climate is having it be beneficial to Bermuda  grass as it thrives in the warm weather. Our golf course, for the most part is covered in various types of Bermuda grass. The genius of this type of ...
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